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(US Plant Patent #7614) A very large, hardy, heavy producing variety with firm fruit, good color and flavor when picked ripe. Very good choice for roadside and farmer's markets for summer and fall production.

Hardiness Zone: 4 - 8 


ATTENTION: Cannot ship plants to the state of California. 

(Patent #7614) 

Let's Get Started 

This type of strawberry is grown differently than June Bearers. You can harvest a crop the first year of planting. Multiple harvests are exhausting on plants. Day Neutral and Everbearing varieties will need to be replaced at least every 2 years. Many growers treat these varieties as annuals and remove the planting after frost and replant every year. 

Day-Neutrals and Everbearers fruit during the hottest time of the year so many growers use overhead irrigation to cool plants. Day-Neutrals and Everbearers may runner prolifically and produce no flowers if temperatures are too high for too long. 

  Planting Distance (1) Planting Distance (1) Interval from Planting to Fruiting Full Production Life of Plants Height of Mature Plants Est. Annual Yield
  Between Rows (ft) Between Rows (ft) Years Years Years Feet  Per Plant
Strawberry - Everbearer Variable 6" 0 1 2 1 Variable

(1) = Minimum suggested spacing

Set plants 6" apart within the row or grow in containers. 

The riest year, remove all the blossoms that appear during the first 2-6 weeks of growth. This allows the plants to become better established before trying to produce fruit. After removal of the first blossoms, put straw mulch around the plants to provide a bed for the fruit to lie on. Allow flowers to remain on the plants as soon as the plants seem well established. Fruit will follow approximately 30 days after blossom. 

Since plants have already been planted 6" you should remove the runners that form. This produces larger single plants for higher yields. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR BED TO BECOME OVERPOPULATED. 

DO NOT RENOVATE your Everbearers or Day Neutrals strawberry patch. 

The second year Day-Neutrals and Everbearers will produce a spring crop simultaneously with June Bearers. This fruit tends to not be as large or flavorful as June Bearers which is why many growers do not keep plants more than one season. The accumulation of weeds and pests is large enough by the end of the second year that it is not economical to carry plants over for a third year. 

Side dress with the fertilizer 2 weeks after planting and again in July & August. Do not over fertilize in an attempt to get larger berries. Over-fertilization results in excessive leaf growth and poor flowering. Do not fertilize late in the season as this will promote new growth that will be damaged by frost. 

  Berry Variety  # Of Days After Earliglow  Flavor   Berry Size   Firmness  Resistant   Zone  
Early  Earliglow Excellent  S-M   Firm R, V, LC   4-8 
Early  AC Wendy  0 Very Good  Firm  R, LS, LC  3-8
Early  Annapolis  Very Good  VL Firm  R 3-8
Early  Galleta 0 Very Good  Firm  R, LS, LC  4-7
Mid-Season Allstar 9 Very Good  VL  Firm  R, V, LS, LC  4-8
Mid-Season Archer  8 Excellent  VL  Firm  R 4-8
Mid-Season Cabot  Good  VL Firm  4-8
Mid-Season D'Light  5 Very Good  VL Firm  N/A 5-8
Mid-Season Flavorfest 7 Very Good  VL Firm  R, V, LS, LC 4-7
Mid-Season Honeoye 6 Good  VL Firm  R, V, LS, LC  4-8
Mid-Season  Keepsake 7 Very Good  Firm  R, V, LS, LC  4-8
Late Season  AC Valley Sunset 14 Very Good  Mod Firm R, V, LS, LC  4-8
Late Season  Dickens  14 Excellent  Firm  N/A 4-7
Late Season Jewel  12 Very Good  Very Firm  R, V, LS, LC  4-8
Day Neutrals Everbearers Albion  N/A Very Good  VL Very Firm  R, V, LS, LC  4-8
Day Neutrals Everbearers Monterey  N/A Very Good  VL Very Firm  R, V, LS, LC  4-8
Day Neutrals Everbearers San Andreas N/A Very Good  VL Firm  R, V, LS, LC  4-8
Day Neutrals Everbearers Seascape N/A Very Good  Firm  R, V, LS, LC  4-8

Berry Size: S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large, N/A = Info Not Available 

Resistance: R = Red Stele, V = Verticillium, LS = Leaf Spot, LC = Leaf Scorch

Plants Required Per Acre 

Plants Required Per Acre 

Rows  Distance in Row  Plants Per Acre
3 ft. Apart  3 in.  58,000
3 ft. Apart 4 in.  43,900
3 ft. Apart 6 in.  29,000
3 ft. Apart 12 in.  14,625
3-1/2 ft. Apart 18 in.  8,325
3-1/2 ft. Apart 24 in.  6225
4 ft. Apart 18 in.  7,300
4 ft. Apart 24 in.  5,425
4 ft. Apart 30 in.  4,375
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