Raspberry Summer Collection (9 plants total)

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3 Top Selling Red Raspberries! Extend your summer from the earliest fruiting to the latest. 3 of each Prelude, Nova, and Encore.

ATTENTION: Cannot ship plants to the state of California. 

Prelude: Early summer crop, attractive high quality frim fruit easy to harvest. The canes have sparse but noticeable spines. Primocanes may produce a small fall crop. (Zone 4-8)

Nova: Plant is high yielding with bright red fruit, firm. The canes are nearly spinless in floricane and resistant to most cane diseases. Primocanes bears a small fall crop. (Zone 3-8)

Encore:  A fruited, late season, summer bearing red raspberry produces large, tasty fruit throughout its season. Very productive, producing fruit on vigorous, erect, nearly spineless. (Zone 4-7)

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