Raspberry Fall Collection (9 plants total)

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3 different Everbearing raspberries to expand you fall season. 3 each Joan J (red) Heritage (red) Anne (yellow)

ATTENTION: Cannot ship plants to the state of California. 

Joan J: A high-yielding, thornless, early ripening primocane raspberry; has been a good performer. Large, firm medium red raspberries with good flavor that hold their size well (Zone 4-8)

Heritage: Berries are medium to large, billiant red, extremely firm and attractive. These berries are superb for freezing and delicious for table use. (Zone 4-8)\

Anne: The fruit of this high yielding everbearing yellow raspberry is very large, super sweet and somewhat firmer than Fall Gold. Canes are semi-erect and the plant shows good disease resistance. 

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