Raspberry All Color Collection (12 plants total)

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For raspberry lovers - the Raspberry All Color Collection. Red, Yellow, Purple, and Black! 3 each. Royalty (Purple) Jewel (Black) Caroline (Red) Anne (Yellow)

ATTENTION: Cannot ship plants to the state of California. 

Royalty: Large fruit, sweet berry has a dual picking time the full red stage with real red raspberry flavor an an overripe stage where it nearly equals a black raspberry. (Zone 4-8)

Jewel: Plant is vigorous, erect consistently productive, and widely adapted. The fruit ripens early and the ripening season is concentrated. The berries are large with a glossy skin a superior quality and excellent flavor. (Zone 5-8)

Caroline: This fall bearing red raspberry produces huge, very sweet, firm fruit. Vigorous growth habits, disease resistance, and exceptional fruit quality. (Zone 4-7)

Anne: High yielding very large, super sweet. canes are semi-erect and the plant shows good disease resistance. (Zone 4-7) 

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