Grape All Color Table Grapes Collection (3 plants total)

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Table Grape: All color Seedless Collection 1 ea. Concord Seedless, Himrod, Reliance.

RESTRICTIONS: We cannot ship grapes to the following states: CA, ID, NY, OR, WA. 

Concord Seedless: Grapes are smaller than regular Concord and will have an occasional seed. The flavor is the same as a regular Concord grape but slightly sweeter. The Concord Seedless generally ripens 1 week earlier than the seeded. This grape is excellent for pies, jams, jellies, and wine. Once the vine becomes established it shows improved vigor and productivity. 

Himrod: Hardiness of the white seedless. It is of the finest quality for eating. Ripens in mid-August in zone 6. the vines do well in warmer areas of zones 4,5,6. Hardy to -15.

Reliance: This grape is VERY winter hardy. It has large clusters and is an excellent table grape or can be for commercial uses. Good all over the Midwest. Hardy to -34 Medium size fruit. 

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