Dwarf Mulberry

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Morus sp. Is a medium size black mulberry with a sweet, tasty flavor. In pot culture it can be maintained as a dwarf with minor pruning. Produces sweet medium size berries, which can be eaten fresh or used in jams and jellies. Plant is self-fertile.

Hardiness Zone: 5 - 11 


ATTENTION: Cannot ship plants to the state of California. 

Let's Get Started 

Mulberry prefer a soil pH between 5.5 and 6.5 with full sun. 

They can be maintained in pots with minimal pruning to maintain a height of 2-6 feet, or planted in a garden or edible landscape to reach a height of 8-10 feet. 

Fertilize with 10-10-10 early spring when leaves appear, spread the fertilizer evenly under the entire canopy of the tree, avoiding a 2-inch area around the trunk, water well or rake into soil. 

The tree may be kept as small as 2-6" tall by pruning after fruiting. The best time for scheduled pruning is when the tree is dormant and not growing (in winter). You can also prune after the fruiting season ends. Slight pruning and trimming of the dead, damaged, diseased, and crossing branches can occasionally be done anytime. 

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