Blue-X Vine Shelters (minimum to order 5)

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Use BLUE-X® Grapevine Shelters to create a beneficial microclimate for each grapevine. The increased humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the grow-tubes accelerate plant growth and enhance vine survival.

ATENTION: Cannot ship to the state of California.


Blue-X® Grapevine Shelters 

  • Increase plant growth up to 150%
  • Eliminate training the vine to the wire. 
  • Bring in the first crop up to a year early. 
  • Increase the yield of the first crop. 
  • Protect the young vines from the drying and mechanical damage caused by the wind. 
  • Protect yound vines from rodents, rabits, and other herbivores. 
  • Protect vines from chemical sprays. 

Easy to use, remove and reuse

Blue-X Grapevine Shelters are constructed using a patented two piece method. The grow-tubes are packed flat and the two pieces can be assembled very quickly. 

To assemble a single sheet of blue plastic film (Part A) is rolled up and inserted into a blue-tinted poly sleeve (Part B) open at both ends. When the Grapevine Shleter is no longer needed on the vine, it can be removed by slitting the poly sleeve (Part B). Once removed, the poly sleeve (Part B can be recycled. The polyester film (Part A) can then be stored for reuse the next season. Replacement poly sleeves can be purchased separately if needed. 

How to protect plants with the Blue-X Vine Shelters

Immediately after planting the Blue-X Vine Shelters can be put over the plant. The vine shelters can be attached to a bamboo pole, stake, wire or trellis to maintain the upright position. This will protect the tender foliage from "critter" damage as well as allow an herbicide to be sprayed aroun the plants to minimize competition from other vegetation. 

When Blue-X Vine Shelters can be remvoed

Best time to remove it is in the fall once the plant went into dormant, by then the foliage will not be appetizing any more for the deer or any other animal and no need for weed kill will be necesary it is not recommended to leave them during the winter since it might create a greenhouse effect. 


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