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Our raspberries arrived yesterday, they are the most beautiful starts i have ever had the pleasure to plant. thank you.
Linda K.


Hello, everything arrived safely and I just wanted to let you know that these are the nicest looking rhubarb roots I've ever seen! (The blueberries look fabulous too!) Thank you so much. 
Jennifer C. 
Georgetown OH 


Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the rhubarb starts/roots we bought from you all this last spring. They did awesome. See picture below; thanks!!!

Tim Shennhan 


I ordered 25 San Andreas strawberries last spring. This was my first experience with day neutral berries and, wow!, are they fantastic.
The early crop was so so but they have more than made up for it since---large, juicy, abundant fruit. In fact, even though we've had several frosts and it's cold enough to run our woodstove, we just picked a handful of red, ripe berries.
I will definitely be ordering these again for next year.
Cindy Rasely


In spring 2019 my pappy ordered both red and black raspberry plants from Indiana Berry and we were very pleased. The quality of the plants was great. They were nice and sturdy. I think all of them lived, and most even had fruit in the summer and now fall. I picked nice looking fresh berries and was so impressed with how fast the plants kicked in and grew. We would order here again. Recommended!

Just wish we could figure out how to get rid of the Drosophila worms that gets in the berries.

Corning OH


Thank you for making it right…that goes a long way with me, thanks. I understand this was not the fault of Indiana Berry & Plant Company, and hold no anger toward Indiana Berry & Plant Company, but I am very impressed with the way you handled it.  I also know I’m small potatoes to you guys, which makes it even more impressive that you went above and beyond to make it right...refreshing, thank you.
Impressed and grateful,
Chris Brown
Pineville NC


Thank you, the plants look great and were planted the same day they arrived after soaking for 6 hours. I got them in before it rained. I appreciate your notice of shipment and the Fedex easy tracking so I could be prepared.
John Stierman 
Dubuque IA 
April 18, 2019


You guys are the best, I received everything today.   Great packaging everything looks great.  Thank you so much,
Petersburg VA
March 7, 2019


Last year (2018) I ordered several kinds of blackberry plants from Indiana Berry. They came promptly and were well packaged with clear instructions. The dormant bare root plants were large 2-year olds and took hold immediately. This was the third time I have ordered berries or asparagus from them and each experience has been very positive. On an order two years ago, the company replaced some plants that didn't break dormancy with no hassle. A very good company with excellent products. I forgot to send a review last year, so am doing so now when it's too cold to work in the garden.
Dexter MO
March 4, 2019


Hi, I had a issue with my credit card not going through last week. I fixed the issue and would like to place this new order if I can. I added some plants on my order. I am very impresseed with the quality of your raspberry canes and will continue to be a regular customer. I live in zone 4a in upstate NY. I am hoping to the canes in the ground soon. Thanks for the great looking canes! 

Heather Stickland 
Bloomingdale NY 


Hi Indiana Berry Company,
I ordered 100 strawberries (the Best Selling Collection) and a Potomac paw paw.  You told me they would ship on April 12 and they were here on April 13.  All were planted that afternoon and now it is raining the next day…perfect!  The plants all looked great.  I am not anxious to be a year older, but I am really looking forward to harvesting berries in 2019 and paw paws in a few years.  Thank you for your great product and super prices.  They were all nicely packaged with good planting information.

Eagle, MI
Michigan Nut & Fruit Growers Association


 I received the Anna Raspberries I ordered. Compliments to your staff.  The plants are superb and the root systems are better than I have ever seen.  That goes to show, If one is in the market for berry plants, you get them from the Indiana berry farm.
Thank you, 
Loysburg PA 


The plants asked me to let you know they arrived in excellent condition with great packaging (great job) and really great directions.  They will be settled in their new home over the weekend with the goal of eventually feeding 179 families as part of our community garden and food desert effort to feed healthy food to low income rural residents who don't have easy access to fresh food.  If we find that we are able to get any grants we will certainly expand the small fruits garden and order from you folks again.  We will be putting up a thank you sign to Indiana Berry once the plants get their feet settled so everyone knows who parented these guys into the world for us.  Thank you so much!  
Peggy Dunn
Douglas Illinois 


I just got my shipment of blackberry, raspberry and blueberry plants. They are healthy and bursting with life! Beautiful! They even threw in a bonus blueberry for me. Wow!
facebook fan 
I could not find where to write a review  but I want to rate 5 out of 5.
The plants you sent me were well packaged and arrived in a perfect shape.
Well rooted, healthy and happy plants.
Thank you Indiana Berry for producing such wonderful plants
Martin Schaffer
Leon, WV 
Just unwrapped, soaked, and planted 12 well-endowed-with-roots white Primus and black Ben Sarek currants, with compost soil, and some nice mulch... These plants were awesome. I also pot-planted my 48 raspberries that were also well-rooted, especially the Anne yellow fall-producing, they are in my greenhouse. Aronia, bush cherry, now, in pots, I need tylenol! I highly recommend plants form Indiana Berry. Nicely packaged, good directions.
facebook fan
I just ordered 75 for new patch have had very good luck with these best variety I have by far . Plant from Indiana Berry are the best great people to work with !!!

Max Eldon Deputy
Facebook fan


When I placed this order I told you we had recently ordered the same variety from a different company and most of them had died. Well, every one of your plants leafed out.

I would have let you know sooner but I've been busy snipping off blossoms and runners!

Thanks for sending healthy, vigorous plants!

November 04, 2016

Dear Indiana Berry et al, I just spoke to your pleasant and kind representative on the phone and Mad has chosen to wait to plant. She will certainly follow your advice and wait until December 1 to order new strawberry plants from you and she will plant them in the spring. She has chosen to plant the Jewel Variety. Oh, my goodness, God bless you for your kind offer of 50 strawberry plants! Mad states that she wishes to include a page in her 4H Strawberry Book that she enters in the 4H Fair along with her strawberries in dedication to your kind gesture and to advertise your company. God bless you and thank you so much for what you have done. Blessings! Mad and mom
Cinthya Givens 
Would like to thank you. The day I ordered 1000 plants you were not in the office I received them last Wednesday put them in the ground Sunday and you can see new growth on every plant. I'm new at raising strawberries will see how it goes but as of now I will be contacting you for a much larger order next year .Thank you for your help
Andy Whitehead 
Lisbon OH


I just wanted to send a note about the raspberry plants I bought from you last spring.  I have been growing fruit for thirty years and somehow your company has slipped by me for all this time, and that amazes me.  But I'm glad I found you last year when I wanted to start again with some raspberries.  I bought a few Boyne plants and they produced awesome fruit for several weeks and multiplied very well.  I think your plant guide is great also, and I referred to it many times since.  Today I got your 2014 Guide.  Thanks for the great plants.

Daryl Baker

Lorain Ohio"

" have been gardening for the last 45 years and of that have ordered from several companies  online for hard to find plants for my area.
I received my order of LIVE plants in pots (not DORMANT STICKS) FROM INDIANA BERRY I was shocked by how big and beautiful the raspberries, blackberries cranberries etc were.
There were only a few leaves that were either curled of lightly wilted. ( i get more than that  when i don’t water regularly.
A lot of companies claim the plants are gallon size but it is a tiny plant in a gallon bucket, these plants were at least 2-3 feet tall and several clumps, not just one, I will hope that I can go visit their center or check out next fall what is available.
thanks for being the first company completely honest and fast delivery c.battey"

And I also greatly appreciate your minimal-yet-appropriate packaging!  The competitors shipped me the plastic gallon container – which I now have to reuse/recycle/throw away – whereas I assume you keep yours to reuse! …saving money and environment!   I loved your simple, practical, functional, plastic bag only on the root ball – so the root ball stays moist and contained, yet leaves and stems don’t get moldy!  Duh!  Additionally their box was full of packing peanuts which is unnecessary, adds costs, not environmentally friendly, and made a MESS when I took their plants out of their box – especially since the root balls were not contained so there was dirt everywhere too!

Feel free to use these statements (or a slightly edited more polite version) in your marketing & promo materials!  I will be a repeat customer!  You are definite pros!



This was my first experience with Indiana Berry. I ordered blackberries, some elderberries and strawberries. Plants arrived on time, but the packing was a bit below standard. Although individual plants were well packed, the box was half empty, with no packing materials added. Elderberries and blackberries were in good shape. The strawberries were well packed, but were not of uniform quality. About 20% were quite small, and in my mind, qualified as “seconds”. I would generally recommend them, but would use another company for strawberries.
Ronda NC 
March 12, 2016
I don’t think I’ve ever received a shipping confirmation after the plants arrived and were planted in the ground.  Absolutely amazing service.  You are the best!!!  Thank you.
Beth Staggenborg 
November 26, 2016 
I've been gardening and ordering seeds and plants for more than half a century, and this year was the first time I ever ordered from Indiana Berry. The three types of bare root berry plants I ordered were very healthy, with vigorous roots, and delivered on schedule. I was impressed enough that I turned around and ordered grapevines. Before I placed my first order with Indiana Berry, I had ordered asparagus plants from another well known vendor, but that company failed to deliver. After several delays, I cancelled that order, and ordered my asparagus from Indiana. I'm not a big customer, but they treated me like I was their only customer. Great products and customer service.
Devils Tower NY
May 10, 2016
Out of 100 strawberry plants, 3 grape, and 1 rhubarb, everything we bought is growing. The plants are going great so far. Will order again.
Racine OH
May 01, 2016
I ordered a raspberry and planted it when it arrived. Several weeks later, the raspberry hadn't begun to grow. I contacted the company and they immediately sent me a replacement plant which already has green shoots. I am very happy now
San Diego CA

April 19, 2016