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About Us - Our History

Our History

Established in 1993 we are a nursery located in Plymouth Indiana. We have been providing premium bare root plants for home and commercial growers for over 25 years. Offering the same high quality plants whether you buy one or one thousand plants, the home gardener can feel confident they are getting the same quality plants as commercial growers receive.

This company originated to service the needs of producers of small fruits. Along with our sister company Superb Horticulture we provide high quality machinery and supplies for home gardeners and commercial growers. This entire business has been developed to bring together a single supplier totally committed to servicing the needs of the quality oriented small fruit growers.

In May of 1993 we established Indiana Berry & Plant Co. in Huntingburg, Indiana. All plant production fields were located in Etna Green, Indiana and plans were shipped to Huntingburg. In 1994 Indiana Berry & Plant Co. published its first catalog. In 2010 due to the retirement of our manager in Huntingburg, we consolidated facilities along with already established companies of Super Horticulture and Produce Promotions to our Plymouth, Indiana location. In 2012 we consolidated our nurseries and expanded our facility for plant production to our location in Plymouth, Indiana.

We have been members of NARBGA (North American Bramble Growers Association) and NASGA (North American Strawberry Association) for over 25 years. Annual meetings and trade shows help keep us abreast of new varieties and research for improved varieties of raspberry, blackberry and strawberry plants, as well as new types of growing methods and pest and disease control.

We have over 75 years combined personal Horticultural knowledge and expertise to assist you. Our plants are dug when dormant, cleaned and kept in cold storage at the optimum conditions to insure plants are viable and vigorous. While many things have change since we started 25 years ago, our commitment and guarantee has not; we guarantee that you will receive top quality products and plants that will break dormancy and grow, true-to-name vigorous in growth when reasonable and proper care is given.

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